TechPackets Giveaway : Win a Oaxis Bento Induction Speaker

We at TechPackets announce the First Giveaway where you could win a Magical Speaker which needs no cables or any apps for connecting with your Smart Phone. Just place your phone over this Magnetic Induction Speaker and the music is amplified magically. You would win one of these by just completing these steps mentioned below.

Oaxis Bento Induction Speaker Giveaway

If you wish to purchase one of these you can take a look at First Grabber, where you can also avail a 15% Discount with the coupon code – bento15

We will select a winner based on how is most active on TechPackets during this contest period and also on our YouTube channel.


  1. InMyLifeeeeee
  2. InMyLifeeeeee
  3. Siddhesh Sharma
  4. Siddhesh Sharma
  5. Kapil Kilania
  6. Veenu Gupta
  7. Kailash Chandra Bhatt
  8. Harry Malhotra
  9. Aryan Gupta
  10. Sohel Sardar
  11. ashok
  12. Pravin
  13. Rohan Mehta
  14. geekonweblive
  15. Sonia Kumar
  16. Yatin Chawla
  17. Shivaram Kaushil
  18. Rohit Roy
  19. Sukanta Behera
  20. Rabindra Behera
  21. ganesh vasudevan nair
  23. Sukanta Behera
  24. Koushik Sengupta
  25. Nishant Sethi
  26. Koushik Sengupta
  27. Sukanta Behera
  28. Namita Kumari
  29. Jitendra Kumar Behera

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