How to Securely Connect to FaceBook with HTTPS Connection

Your connection to your important mail, social network is quite important. So is the web gone strong with HTTPS connection instead of HTTP which were primarily used for secure transactions online but you can also make sites forced to go with HTTPS connection.

What is HTTP in URL?

HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is the combination of earlier versions of HTTP with SSL to provide better encryption of data of a network web server. So when you are making a payment transaction online on the web for a secure transactions HTTPS connections has to be used to reduce the cases of online thefts and prevent loss of credit card number stolen.

Get HTTPS Connection for Firefox

Here is the procedure on how to force Facebook to login to login through HTTPS secured connection.

  • First step is to go to “Account Settings” by logging into your Facebook account. Facebook Account Setting
  • Once you are into your account settings, look down for “Account Security” and then hit “Change”.
    Facebook Account Setting
  • And this is what you will see under Account Security –
    Facebook Account Setting
  • Now you know what to do and Check mark the box, click on ‘Save’ button.

That will do it for you. To test whether it’s working or not – just log off and login, you would see https connection in the URL not the normal previous HTTP. There you go with the confirmation.Facebook Account Setting


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