How To Play Flash Videos / Games on Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Play Flash Videos Apple iPhoneLong time back Steve Jobs had written a Open Letter to Adobe explaining why Apple would not allow Flash on their products like iPad, iPhone or iPod. He had blamed the performance of the flash player along with Security, Stability and called it buggy. Following which the Flash Player support had been removed from the Safari browser on iOS6 & IOS7 and now many of you who would like to access a website which has flash content should be reading the following information on how to fix this issue.

If you visit any website which has flash content in it, you would see a blank area and the player won’t be active. In order to view the flash videos or games on your Apple iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone you will have to download a free application from the store called as “Puffin Web Browser”.

Apple iPhone Safari Flash Player Issue Puffin Web Browser Search App Store

This a is a free application which comes with age-restricted material hence you need to accept the TOS and then complete the download and the installation. This is not a shortcut to enable the flash support on your Safari browser because you are going to Install a dedicated browser on your device. Following this when you run the application for the first time, you would be welcomed with the following screen. When you access the same website through which you would like to play a flash video or a flash game then you would initially get the following screen because the browser takes a while to load the content.

Puffin Browser Welcome Page Puffin Flash Content Loading

The experience would not be that good because this is a work around and not a way to get the flash player onto your device’s default browser. There are ways to get the flash on safari itself but only possible when you jailbreak your device while in this case we are going with a legitimate way of fixing this issue. You would get a screen as shown below with the content loading while the flash engine is setting up. The browser also comes with some useful options and shortcuts when you swipe on your device screen from the left to the right or vice versa.

Puffin Apple Flash Game Loading Puffin Browser Settings

The whole concept is very simple, Puffin would encapsulate remote flash technology ensuring that the end user can get the flash content on their device. Another important point to make a note is that the application is free for two weeks following which you will have to pay $2.99 for the Pro version though its not much if you would regularly want to watch the videos, movies or play games.

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