Best Pedometer Apps for iPhone – Fitness Tracking & Health

Human – Download App

Moves iPhone iOS App DemoHuman was launched last year in the month of September, has been updated now for its iOS users. This is an application that will be letting the users to track all their exercise activity on daily basis. This app  lets the users to get their complete record of the activity allowing for tracking of indoor activity and exercises of longer than a minute.

When this application was launched earlier the company claimed that their goal was to make a tool that will be giving the people a track of their real activity levels and makes sure that they are getting a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise or some workout, that will be helping them every day to be fitter. It doesn’t need to be a hard workout at the gym or a mile running, it can also be a dance at the night in a party or in your room that will be counting towards the Daily 30, just by keeping your phone with you in the pocket or in hands.

The Human v2 has added many new trackings and also been fully equipped, supporting a faster and more responsive UI (User Interface). It will also have a lower battery drain letting the user to concentrate on their workout without having to worry about the battery. Since the first launch of this app, Human says that it has tracked more than 12 million activities and is making changes in its users showing an average of 40 percent increase in activity by using this app. The app is available for free and the download size is 11.1 MB.

Nike+ Move – Download App

Nike+ Move, fuel band gadget

Nike+ Move was shown when the iPhone 5S was introduced along with the new M7 processor from Apple. This free fitness app is a new FuelBand gadget to your Smart phone with the need of getting the wearable’s worth $150. This is an introductory app, and Nike stressed this point that this is just an introductory experience without many features. This will be a useful app for the beginners since it has an easy to learn interface on it.

This Nike+ Move app will measure, when, where and how its user moves and uses the NikeFuel to keep the user motivated and it also encourages moving more and winning as many hours they can for the whole day. With this app the users can compare their activity with that of their friends and also with the other Nike+ Move users to see where they stand. Moreover the users need not wear anything on their wrist and still have their moves tracked. This app is free and will be running on iPhone 5S with the download file size of 8.8 MB.


Pedometer++ – Download App

Pedometer++ step count

Pedometer++ is a simple pedometer app that will be displaying and keeping tracks of the user’s step count on a daily and weekly basis. This app can be set on the home screen of the iPhone 5S as an application badge that will be showing or displaying the users current step count on the app icon. This is an additional feature and it will be automatically refreshed when the user first launches the app but it does not have the option of pull to refresh.

This app does not allow the users to share their results via social media unlike many other apps but the users can set goals and this Pedometer++ will be updating the user once they have reached their target and it also converts the steps in to distance. This app will be running on Apple iPhone 5S and can be downloaded for free and the download size is 0.6 MB.

Moves – Download App

Moves for $2.99

Moves is not a new app it was launched in 2012 December but got recently updated to be running on the M7 processor of the iPhone 5S. This app not only lets the users track their steps, it also tracks where they go and plots a map for it and it can be viewed. Moves is has the feature of automatically recording any walking, cycling and running activity that the user does and there no need to head to the applications and search for the start, helping the user even when the device is in the bag.

More over the app shows the distance, duration, steps and calories burnt for every activity of the user. The users can also set up how many steps they aim for a day and complete their task accordingly. This app will be running on Apple iPhone 5S and will be charged $2.99 for downloading it and size of the download is 8 MB.

 Argus – Download App

Argus-motion fitness tracker

Argus is one of the first app to use data from the M7 processor and counts the users steps more accurately. This also lets the previous data of the app to be stored on the M7 populating the users last week worth of steps. Goals and challenges are the last piece of the puzzle. Argus offers three different types at the moment, based on the amount of sleep you get each night

Not only this Argus also tracks the weight of the user, workouts, consumption of water and coffee, meals, amount of sleep and many more. There is option of viewing the current step count displayed on the app icon as notification and the results can be shared with others also. . To get started, users must either sign in with Facebook or create an account with an email address. This app can be downloaded for free and will be running on Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S and also with devices running on iOS 6.O or above and the size of the down load is 23 MB.

M7 Pedometer – Download App

M7 pedometer for iPhone 5S

The M7 Pedometer is an app that will show the users how many steps they have taken on a daily basis providing current step count for the day, for the last week and also give a total for the current year so that the uses gets a track of what he has been doing from the last year. The user has the option to view a graph, charting the step counts for a month and previous month graph can also be viewed by swiping to right. This app also doesn’t need to be opened and for tracking the details.

Moreover the app can run on Apple iPhone 5S and it is free to be downloaded and will we running on iPhone 5S and requires iOS 7 or later. The size of the download is 0.7 MB.

Strava Run – Download App

Strava Run -map and stats

Strava Run app gives a highly accurate activity data with the auto pause feature for the runners without actually interacting with app directly. This app will be at advantage with the M7’s low power constant monitoring by gathering information from the chip when the app is not running. The auto pause feature shows up when the M7 processor senses that the user has stop moving and it also turns off the GPS automatically saving the battery life.

Strava allows its user to track their runs via GPS and also displays maps of their route along with the stats that include distance, pace, elevation and the calories burned. The company explains that – If you were running a 7 minute mile pace but stopped for two minutes to take and upload a photo (finishing the mile in 9 minutes) the audio cues and pace data on your iPhone will continue to show that you kept a 7 minute mile pace.

The users can also join challenges and compare and see how they are placed with their friends. The Strava Run app can be downloaded for free and is optimized for iPhone 5. The size of the download is 65 MB.

WeatherRun – Download App

WeatherRun with weather reports

WeatherRun app was designed to help the runners track their runs by providing weather and altitude stats. With the M7 support now, the app will be showing the users their daily and monthly step count. This app also lets the users to track distance, speed, duration, path and it also helps in customization of the Dashboard with a unique UI (User Interface). It is also capable of charting the altitude, humidity and barometric pressure and converts the iPhone in to a accurate altimeter and weather station by using the TI Sensor Tag.

The WeatherRun app will be using GPS for altitude readings and it also uses the Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology to connect to TI Sensor Tag and gives accurate weather readings. This app is optimized for iPhone 5 and the size of the download is 14.3 MB. This application is not free and you will be charged $1.99 for downloading it.

Fitbit – Download App

Fitbit App for iPhone 5S

With the launch of the M7 motion coprocessor in the iPhone 5S, Fitbit has decided to launch the basic tracking from the phone itself. This is not the first app to take advantage of the M7 processor in the iPhone 5S that can counter the users steps and tracks their activity. Firstly the user need to sign up for an account and during this process if the user already has a account they need to log in and select set up new Fitbit Device.

Now if everything is set up, the app will start tracking the user activity based on information from the iPhone 5S with the M7 processor. All these tracking will be taken by counting the steps walked in a day, miles and it also tracks the user’s food, weight, calories consumed or burnt and allow the user to compete with their friends. The size of the download is 10.6 MB and it can be downloaded and used for free. The app is optimized for iPhone 5.