How to Show or Hide Your Google Plus Profile / Page View Count

Google just recently introduced this new show-off feature to the Google Plus profiles, where the count of views of the profile is shown publicly, and might be an April fool prank initially when it showed hundreds of millions of views for each profile which the owner too rarely opens. But the view count didn’t go away totally, as you get to see some acceptable number shown on your profile.

Google Plus Settings

For many, this could be another good way to showoff, and boast about with the numbers but some would choose to keep things private and not show the stats publicly. A relief for such users, Google has included the option to remove the view count from the profile page.

To remove the Google Plus profile view count, you will need to go to the Profile page, and from the left dropdown menu, select “Settings” which would take you to the specific settings of your Google Plus account.

Under the settings, you need to go to the section “Profile” where the option “Show how many times your profile and content have been viewed.” will be available. Here you need to deselect it so as to hide the view count on your profile.

As soon as you uncheck it, the settings would be updated as there is no separate option to save the settings. You are done, and in case you feel you wanted to show the count anytime in the future, you may check the same option under Settings.Google Plus Uncheck View Count


Before you jump into conclusions whether the profile view count is correct or if Google inflated the number to a bigger one than expected, here’s an explanation from Google on how it works:

Google Plus Profile Settings Updated

The View count on Google Plus profile or Pages tells how many times your content has been seen by other people, including your photos, posts, and profile page. So it’s not just the actual profile page but also the inner pages such as posts, photos which are taken into the count.

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