Watch The 15 Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2015

Deflategate is great and Marshawn is a beast, but tonight the commercials with the biggest stars, cutest animals, and best jokes might be more important than who actually wins Super Bowl XLIX.

Technically the New England Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX with an interception in the game’s final thrilling moments, and the Seattle Seahawks lost. But in the battle that matters most for many of the game’s 100 million-plus viewers—the contest for the telecast’s best Super Bowl ads are is the takeaways for many of those million viewers.

While Tom Brady has been named the MVP of this year’s Super Bowl as after passing for 328 yards and four touchdowns against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday’s game, the dancing Sharks during Halftime show with Katy Perry seems took our hearts out. Take a look at some of those Best Super Bowl ads of 2015.

#1 Budweiser – “Lost Dog”

Budweiser may have just won the Super Bowl again with its adorable ‘Lost Puppy’ ad. It’s the follow up to the “Puppy Love” commercial that was roundly decreed to have “won” last year’s Super Bowl commercial breaks.

#2 Clash of Clans – “Revenge”

Liam Neeson will show BigBuffetBoy85 absolutely no mercy in this “Clash of Clans” bit based on the famous Taken franchises’,”I have a very particular set of skills” speeches.

#3 Nationwide- “Invisible Mindy Kaling”

Mindy Kaling takes full advantage of her apparent invisibility in this spot as she sunbathes in the nude and wanders through a grocery store aisle with a giant spoonful of ice cream. But is she really invisible?

#4 BMW i3 – “#HelloFuture”

Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric don’t really get the internet in this throwback clip from 1994. 21 years later, they’re just as confused by their BMW.

#5 NO MORE – “Violence and Sexual Assault”

This is the first-ever Super Bowl ad to address domestic violence and sexual assault. The ad plays over a 911 call disguised by the caller as a call for a pizza; the woman is actually reaching out for help. Simple but thought-provoking. It is based on the real story.

#6 T-mobile – “Save the Data”

Kim Kardashian parodies herself in this T-Mobile bit as she takes various selfies, an important facet of her celebrity persona. She prompts viewers to help her “save the data.”

#7 Pizza Hut – “Crust Flavor Challenge”

Don’t settle for unflavored crusts. Take the Pizza Hut Crust Flavor Challenge and get any one of our ten new crust flavors for free.

#8 FIAT 500X – “The Blue Pill”

After a Fiat car accidentally gulps down a male-enhancement pill dropped by an older Italian gentleman, it transforms into the bigger, better Fiat 500X Crossover.

#9 Mountain Dew KickStart – “Come Alive”

After drinking the coconut water and juice drink, three guys playing video games start dancing with the dog, the recliner and other objects around the room. The ad closes with the phrase “Go ahead. Touch stuff.”

#10 Sketchers – “Relaxed Fit”

Pete Rose thinks Sketchers are the perfect shoes to wear when walking down his home’s memorabilia hall.

#11 Coco-Cola – “#MakeItHappy”

Cyberbullying can often go too far, but Coca-Cola is there to turn that frown upside-down. In this Super Bowl spot, a Coca-Cola virus spreads across the internet with the power to turn negative posts into positive ones and make people smile.

#12 Eat24 – “Hangry?”

Gilbert Gottfried is angry and hungry, so Snoop opens up the EAT24 app to order food online. EAT24 is a mobile delivery service that “tells hunger to shut up.”

#13 Chevrolet – “4G LTE Wi-Fi 2015 Colorado”

No, your television wasn’t malfunctioning – it was just this Chevrolet ad reminding you of the new Chevy Colorado comes with built in wifi, so you don’t ever have to worry about missing out on the big game.

#14 McDonald – “Pay with Love”

McDonald’s announces in its teaser that in February, the company will be randomly accepting a new form of payment—and these patrons can’t believe it.

#15 Nascar’s Super Bowl Commercial

The ad, featuring Nick Offerman, pokes fun at gluten-free diets and says that people “have gotten soft.” The petition says the ad implies that Celiac sufferers are weak.

This was our favorite list of Super Bowl Commercials of this season. Everyone has their favorite Super Bowl Ads, tell us about yours, and we will try to juggle your favorite to the top. We are looking forward to start a Super Bowl war. Come on, Guys!

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