TechPackets Giveaway : Win a Oaxis Bento Induction Speaker

We at TechPackets announce the First Giveaway where you could win a Magical Speaker which needs no cables or any apps for connecting with your Smart Phone. Just place your phone over this Magnetic Induction Speaker and the music is amplified magically. You would win one of these by just completing these steps mentioned below. Oaxis Bento Induction Speaker Giveaway If you wish to purchase one of these you can take a look at First Grabber, where you can also avail a 15% Discount with the coupon code - bento15 We will select a winner based on how is most active on TechPackets during this contest period and also on our YouTube channel.
  • InMyLifeeeeee

    It’s awesome. Don’t miss.
    Oaxis Bento Induction Speaker

  • InMyLifeeeeee

    Awesome giveaway. Don’t miss. Oaxis Bento Induction Speaker Giveaway.

  • Siddhesh Sharma

    Want to win this

  • Siddhesh Sharma


  • Kapil Kilania

    Innovation at its best!

  • Veenu Gupta

    Thanks for the awesome speaker giveaway.

  • Kailash Chandra Bhatt

    Really Nice…

  • Harry Malhotra

    I want to win Awesome giveaway.

  • Aryan Gupta

    Really good speaker.

  • Sohel Sardar

    I Want This Oaxis Bento Induction Speaker

  • ashok

    wow very good break thru in Technology

  • Pravin

    Superb speakers and must needed for Person like me who is always ON with Music …. Without Music Life cant be Imagine 🙂 ?

  • Rohan Mehta

    this speaker is fabulous. if i dont win , i am going to buy this anyway

  • geekonweblive

    Awesome giveaway.

  • Sonia Kumar

    The speaker are really awesome

  • Yatin Chawla

    This gadget so far seems the most innovative one empowering the Wireless generation of devices.
    Hope to win

  • Speaker is Amazing and looks innovative too 🙂

  • Shivaram Kaushil

    Awesome giveaway. Really cool product.

  • Rohit Roy

    The speaker is good voice and very innovative.

  • I own a HTC One M7, I wanted to own HTC BoomSound Speakers. But, it isn’t available in India. This would make a perfect alternative to it! Hoping to win, Thanks 🙂

  • Sukanta Behera

    Nice description of Oaxis Bento Speaker with detailing of uses it will a advantage to all wireless devices which will work on magnetic induction technology nice work.

  • Rabindra Behera

    Nice Speakers and the good thing is you can used it wireless without any connectivity

  • ganesh vasudevan nair



    This gadget is definitely worth to win for music lovers like me, its very innovative and different than other audio gadgets

  • Sukanta Behera

    Join friends The Giveaway Sponsored By Tech Packets

  • Koushik Sengupta

    This Speaker looks so awesome and cool. 🙂
    Hoping for the best 🙂

  • Nishant Sethi

    Pllz God this time

  • Koushik Sengupta

    Hoping for the best 🙂

  • Sukanta Behera

    Waiting For the last minute Team so I can grab my friends too

  • Namita Kumari

    Nice One really great analysis of tech and most of all I like the Speaker

  • Jitendra Kumar Behera

    Oaxis Bento is a very good brand and thanks to admin for the detail information and Giveaway of this Induction speaker.