Transfer Chrome Bookmarks to Firefox , IE & Opera

Google Chrome is racing for the best browser of year 2011 and in competition we have Firefox with its latest launch of Firefox 4 version which provides amazing features. Google Chrome just like other browser has a good option of Sync bookmarking on other PC or with other browsers. Now thats a good thing to have if you work from different places like office and home. But this option of sync is not available on mobiles or tablets for Google Chrome.

Google Chrome extensions are the best way to optimize and tweak your browser by adding useful functionality to it. Google Push is a useful extension which provides access to Chrome bookmarks on any other browser like Firefox, Safari, Opera or Internet Explorer 8.

This is the procedure which shows on how to install ChromePush Extension –

  • Open Google Chrome and visit ChromePush Extension Page and then click on Install which will begin the process of installation of the extension.Google Push
  • Then you have the confirmation for installation of it. Again click on Install.Google Push
  • Within few seconds depending upon your internet connection the extension would be installed on your browser at the icon of i t would be located on the right side where you type the URL.Google Push
  • You can then added bookmarks and notes, then click on Update Now to save it to Google Push.Google Push

Once you have added all those bookmarks, you can view them at ChromePush which requires Google Account. Now to view those onto your mobile phone you need to login into your Google Account and your mobile or tablet also should have ChromePush installed to get it work perfectly.