How to Setup Google Search to Open Search Results in New Tab / Window

The Google search engine is the most used search platforms on the Internet, and although it comes with the easiest interface and the appropriate results most of the times, you would always want to have some personalization or settings which are good for your experience of using it. One of them is the way you want to see the search results to be opened.

There are extensions which could even show you a direct preview of the search result pages, and there are some which would do a lot more but the basic necessity where you are looking for more than a single page in results and you want them to open in new tab / window, is not given by the add-ons. There is an internal setting in Google search for that, and you can set that manually.

By default, when you are on a search results page, clicking on any result would open the page in the same window unless you press the Control key while clicking on the link, or if you are following the method of “Right Click > Open link in New Tab / New Window”. But when you are always doing this, it’s better to set the Google search in a way that it opens all the links opened from search page, in a new window / tab based on the browser you are using.

Go to and in the bottom of the home page, you will see a link “Settings”. Click on that, and a menu would open above it, where you need to open “Search settings”.
Direct link for Search settings: Preferences

Google Search Settings

Now in the search settings, in the first tab “Search results”, go to the bottom where the setting “Where results open” appears.
Tick the option “Open each selected result in a new browser window.” and then click on Save to save the setting.

Google Search Settings Results Open

Opening the result in a new window or tab again depends on the settings you have done for the particular browser you are using. In the browser settings, you will have to set how to open an external link – to either a new tab or to a new window.

Do keep in mind that these settings would be saved for your searches only if you are signed into while changing these settings. If you are doing this on the public computer, the setting won’t be there for long unless you are logging into your account. These are the personal settings and not the general settings for the search engine and the computer.

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