Set Google Chrome Auto Fill Forms for Filling Details

Chrome autofill LogoFilling details over Internet for number of times may be painful at times as filling in the same details again and again is not at all interesting, so let’s check out a way out of this so that you won’t have to fill in some commonly asked details. No, am not talking of Copy paste options, but a well-known feature which is known as “Auto fill” option. With the help of auto fill options, you can fill in the details which are mostly required to enter in almost all online forms. So, let’s check out how can you make use of this auto fill options and make the most of it in Google Chrome.

Procedure to enable auto fill forms in Chrome:

  • First open Google Chrome web browser as shown below:

TechPackets on Chrome

  • Now click on “Tools” and then choose “Options” as shown below,

Chrome Tools

  • As soon as you click on Options, a new pop up window will be opening up where in you need to select “Personal Stuff” tab as shown in the below screen shot and click on “Autofill options” tab which is in the “Form autofill” section.

Chrome options

  • Now, as soon as you click on “Autofill Options” you will see that the a new pop up will be popping up where in you need to enter the details as shown in the below screen shot wherein you need to enter details like Full Name, Address, City, Email, telephone number and Pincode etc. Just fill in all the details.

add an autofill option

  • Now, after filling in the information and click on “Save” option.

Now, that’s it as soon as you save this information, the job is done. Now every time whenever you come across any sorts of online form and if you wish to fill in the same, Chrome will automatically fill in the information in the form as an Autofill. You can also make use of this Autofill option in other browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox too.

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