Recover Data from Formatted USB Pen Drive

Recover Files LogoMany times it happens that USB drive gets formatted mistakenly or we format the USB pen drive and later realize that we wanted the data which has been already formatted, so is there any way to get this lost / formatted data back? Yes, there is a way wherein you can get the lost / formatted data back into your pen drive very easily. All you need to do is to just follow the simple procedure mentioned below and you can easily get back the formatted data.

Procedure to recover formatted data from USB Pen drive:

  • Now, after installing, open the software and click on the Complete File Search Option or alternatively you can also select the Fast File Search option for quick search. Sometimes it may find whole files and sometimes it may not.
  • Recover Files

  • Now, click on Next, after which the software will scan the selected drive and will display the files which are found. After the files are found, just click on Next.
  • Select the drive

  • Next, select the file types which you want to recover, like images, songs or videos or any documents. Just click on the file type and search for them to recover. If you don’t know or wish to recover all of them then simply choose all the options of file types and click on Start to search the files.
  • Search for deleted file

  • After this, this software will search for deleted files in the selected USB drive and will take some time to search which basically depends on the size of the files which you wish to recover.
  • Search deleted files

  • So, once the search is completed, it will display the list of files which are found out of which you will have to choose the files which you wish to recover by ticking on the file.
  • Start Recovery

  • Now, after this, just click on Recover and then choose Save File in the menu. Now, you can also burn these recovered files on CD or DVD or you can also just choose on where you wish to save the file like the location of file and click on Ok.
  • Now, that’s it, the software will be closed and you will find that your files have been successfully recovered. Though this recovery software is not a free one but costs around 70$, you can try this software for free before taking a decision to buy this or not.

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