How to Set Invisible Mode in Gtalk or Gmail Chat

Gtalk logoIf you are new to Gmail or Gtalk then we will now tell you on how you can easily set invisible mode in Gtalk or in Gmail chat. Basically, if you are setting your status as “Invisible”, then your friends won’t be able to see you Online, but at the same time you can see your friends and also can chat with them with your invisible status.

Google Operating System blog reports addition of Invisible mode in Gtalk. However, to get this or to set Invisible status, you will need to have a newer version of Gmail and also please note that Gtalk will not be functional in the HTML version of Gmail and also this won’t work if you are simultaneously using the desktop client of Gtalk and the Gmail version of Gtalk or any other Gtalk client.

So, here’s a trick, on how you can check that your friend on Gtalk is really invisible or is offline!

  • First, start a chat with the intended user which you wish to find whether he is invisible or Offline.
  • After clicking on the user, make sure that you are setting the chat to Off the record so that it doesn’t get into the Gmail account, and the chat isn’t saved at all.
  • Now, send a message to the user, now if the user is online and invisible, then the message will be successfully delivered without any error.Invisible
  • But, if the user is offline, then you will get an error message indicating that the user is offline as shown in the below snapshot.User offline

Procedure to enable Invisible option in Gtalk:

  • You can also alternatively use Pidgin to create an option of “invisible”  in Gtalk. First download and install the pidgin.
  • Now, to install this plugin on Windows, download gtalkinvisible file, extract it and move the .dll file to “C:\Program Files\Pidgin\plugins\”.
  • This is it, just restart the Pidgin to enable the Invisible option.

So, by following the above mentioned steps, one can easily find whether the user is offline or online but invisible and also one can set Invisible status to their Gtalk account.

Password :

Easier Way to Enable Invisible Option on Gmail Chat

There is an easier way to enable the invisible option for your account in the chat, when using the chat box in Gmail, as Google directly gives an option to you. It is by going to the Chat options by clicking beside your profile icon, and you would see an option “Invisible”.

Gmail Chat Invisible

Before doing this, make sure you are not logged into Gtalk through your mobile devices or any other ways, because if you do that then you cannot go invisible in the gmail chat. Once everything is perfect, you will see this message when you set the it to Invisible mode.

Gmail Chat You are Invisible

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