How to Remove Facebook Application from your Account – Steps to Delete

facebook Apps LogoWith rising number of facebook applications it’s evident that quite a lot applications you might have got in your facebook account. With multiple invites and endless updates sometimes it gets very irritating as after all facebook is a place to socialize publicly and not solely for playing games and trying out new things, though some applications are ok but handling endless application and getting endless updates may not be a good idea as this total clutters your facebook account.

So, let’s check out how you can delete the apps from your facebook account easily. All you need to do is to just follow the procedure mentioned below and you will be done with the removing of apps from your facebook account. Since, you can’t avoid getting the invites of the apps from your friends and stop the continuous updates about the same, the only way to get out is to simply remove the apps which you don’t use it. And also, all the applications in the facebook has an access to your personal data which you may not have even know about the same. In this case the personal data can be misused too. So, its always better to remove the apps which you either don’t use it or don’t trust it.

Procedure to remove the apps:

  • After logging into the facebook, on the top right most part of the facebook screen click on Account and then select Account Settings.
  • facebook Account

  • After clicking on the Account Settings as shown in the above screen shot, a new facebook window will be opening up where in the Privacy section, click on the manage option.
  • Privacy

  • After clicking on the manage, a “choose your privacy settings” will be opening up as shown below, in which just select the “Edit your Settings” in the “Apps and Websites” section as marked in the below screen shot.
  • Choose Privacy settings

  • Now, as soon as you click on the Edit settings, a new window will be popping up where in you will have to delete or remove the apps which you wish to as shown in the below screenshot.
  • Facebook Apps

So, in this way you can easily remove or block the spammy apps which is rightly said by facebook.

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