Best Service to Schedule Facebook Status Updates and Tweets

LaterBro LogoBe it a scheduled sms or a scheduled scan, we have seen it all, but do you know about Scheduled Social Networking. No, No am not talking about either preparing a time table or scheduling a particular time for social networking but about scheduled tweets and scheduled facebook wall posts. Yes, you have heard it right, now you can schedule your all twitter tweets and facebook messages. It’s very simple and we will guide you on how you can do so. So, let’s check out the procedure on how you can schedule tweets and schedule facebook wall posts.

There’s an online tool which is called as LaterBro which allows you to schedule both tweets as well as facebook wall posts.

Procedure to schedule tweets:

  • After opening the Later Bro online tool, you first need to select twitter as shown in the below screen shot:

Later Bro

  • After selecting twitter, you will have to login to authorize the twitter account, not to worry as this online tool is very safe to use as it uses twitter’s xAuth to authorize the login credentials, so it doesn’t store any passwords or even account details of your account.

Select TimeZone

  • Now, after logging in, you need to enter the time zone so that accordingly your tweet will be scheduled and the same will be posted.

Schedule Tweet

  • Now, type in the tweet which you wish to schedule it, select the date and time which is located just below the text space, you can also choose to shrink URL after this just click on “Schedule”, that’s it, you have now successfully scheduled your tweet.

Scheduled tweet

At any point of time if you wish to delete the scheduled tweet, just simply scroll down and you will find the option like shown in the above screen shot from where you can delete the scheduled tweet.

Procedure to Scheduled facebook wall posts:

  • Now, click on Settings as shown below,


  • After clicking on Settings, you will have to select the option “Add a Facebook account” as shown below,

add facebook account

  • You will now have to enter the facebook login credentials along with password details, after which you will have to authorize so that LaterBro is allowed to access information to publish the scheduled post, simply click on “Allow” to proceed.

Select TimeZone for Facebook

  • Select the timezone which you wish to set and accordingly the facebook wall post will be scheduled and posted.

Schedule Wall Post

  • Now, enter thee text which you would like to post on your facebook wall and schedule the same by choosing the date and time of post and simply select the option “Schedule” to schedule the post as shown in the above screen shot.

Scheduled facebook Post

That’s it you have now successfully scheduled the facebook wall post and also at any point of time you can also delete the scheduled post, just scroll down and delete the scheduled post as shown in the above screen shot.

So, you have now successfully learnt on how you can schedule twitter tweets and facebook posts with the help of Later Bro.

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