How To Add Spell Check to Windows Notepad, Wordpad & other Apps

If you are using the Microsoft Word or any other similar word processor you would have found that there is a in-built spell-check tool, which can not just make your document better but also save your time while writing. But at times when you are on a computer without the paid Microsoft Word application and are in a situation with just the Notepad or the Wordpad application which come pre-installed you would find it hard to check the content for any spelling mistakes and that is when you would be in a need to read this article.

To avoid these small mistakes in your documents you should be installing a application on your Windows 7 or Windows 8 based computers called as “TinySpell”. TinySpell is a small utility that allows you to easily and quickly check the errors in your spellings while typing.

TinySpell Spelling Checker Demo

You can download the tinySpell application from here. Once downloaded and installed tinySpell on your windows, whenever you type anything on your Notepad, Wordpad or any other windows application, tinySpell watches the text that you enter and notifies you whenever you make a spelling mistake. It beeps when it detects any error in your spelling and when you click on that a popup with alternate replacement options for that word will appear on your screen. You can choose the correct word from those options or even go for more options if you don’t find the suitable one. You can even add your word to its dictionary, this will stop these alerts next time when you type that particular word.

You can even notice that whenever there is a spelling error, the tinySpell icon on your taskbar turns from white to yellow. It also checks the spelling whenever you copy any text on your clipboard. This tinySpell utility comes with in-built dictionary and thesaurus.

This tinySpell utility is fully compatible with latest windows 7 and windows 8 and can be applied or used on almost any of your windows applications. You can opt for its free version or even go for the paid licensed version for more additional features.

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